Hello, Lenny here! 

I am an aspiring motion designer graduate at the School of Visual Communication in Denmark, looking for awesome projects or kickass jobs - free to reach out!

A part of my design personality is my love for motion designs that evocatively and yet delicately communicate a visual story by combining design and moving images.

During my education I developed a big obsession for 3D because of it's world of infinite possibilities and went teaching myself in Cinema 4D.

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My team #UncleTo5

My inspiration source and reminding me to be a good role model

Janice NHU Y Nguyen
Appreciate the moments.
Eli The an Nguyen
Always be curious.
Jaylen NGHIA Nguyen
Stay brave, stay strong.
Ophelia TAM NHU Nguyen
Love food, love sharing.
Lenora BAO VY Nguyen
Let's save the world!