Project summary

We are all well aware of the climate problems, but it can be overwhelming to know exactly what to do in order to help the climate.

CliMate is a fictitious company that has committed to the fact that the climate crisis is a problem we shall solve together. First of all by making us eat more climate friendly, together.


2 weeks



App & Campaign



The idea

Creating a digital platform that makes it easy, cheap and cozy to eat climate friendly. 

The CliMate app uses the database CONCITO to calculate the grocery's CO2 footprint. The app gives you the option to open your door to others for a climate-friendly meal, or you can join one. A shared experience, which we also know from eg. GoMore, Airbnb and more. with the same purpose of reducing the CO2 footprint.

How the concept works

How to join a CliMate meal

1. Find a CliMate meal

When you’re logged in, you will see all the meal events near you, date, time, the menu, price other participants and the total CO2 emission.

2. Read the information

Climate converts the CO2-imprint of the meal which will be provided in the description. The conversion happens through CONCITO and based on the chosen products and the numbers of guests.

3. Sign up

Sign up, so your host can keep track on who’s coming. You’ll have the option to send messages in a chat, if needed.

4. Pay your host

When you have paid your host, the money will be deposited and the host will be paid as soon as the meal is being held.

5. Have a nice meal

Join the meal and contribute to theclimate, eat cheap and have a nice meal with good company.

App UX structure



"It takes a mate to..."

CliMate wants to enlighten the fact that it is difficult to eat climate friendly - however it’s always easier to change your own habits when you're doing it together.

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